Inspired by the Pie by Gary Soto, semi-fiction

I grew up as an only child. My grandparent’s attention was always on me, and for the most part, if I wanted the latest Barbie doll or any kind of toy, I would get it right away from my mom, who believed…

Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Crime and Punishment novel follows the story of a poverty-stricken former law student named Raskolnikov who lives in Saint Petersburg. An idea came into his head, an idea he couldn’t stop thinking about — kill an old woman, a pawnbroker with a nasty…

“Rocket science is tough, and rockets have a way of failing.”

High school. Freshman year. Enrolled in engineering class. In the class syllabus: build a rocket and launch it.

We sat at long tables, four students in each. Mr. Lupin, my teacher, in his signature khaki pants and red polo…

Betty Cruz

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